Security Consulting

Risk Modelling & Counter-Terror Planning 

We offer a broad range of security consulting services. It is often necessary before buying security services to assess risks and make an inventory. Every client has unique security-related concerns. 1 ST Guard can assist you. Our consulting services are broad specialising in the special types of problems to which companies, organisations and authorities can be exposed.

We work with crisis, risk in all its forms, serious criminality and general security issues. Our strength is our methodology. We focus on risk instead of the traditional off-the-shelf security solutions and we always allow analysis to control our actions.

We Offer:

  • A comprehensive, objective review and analysis of properties.
  • Analysis of current security measures.
  • Key staff interviews.
  • Facilities activities analysis.
  • Threat and risk analysis.
  • Integrated security analysis.
  • Recommendations and implementation priorities.
  • Doorways security plan.
  • Standard Operating Procedures for security operations.
  • Closed circuit camera plan.
  • Standards and procedures.

1 ST Guard Security will work with you on an on-going basis to make sure that your security system always matches your changing security needs. Contact Us

Using our skills and experience to help you implement a system that further secures and reduces your risks for any given project will result in smooth implementation of your strategies, increased knowledge and confidence of your staff, reduced risk of project slip or failure, and maximized return on your investment.

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