Our People


Our People, Our Journey


We are dependent on the skill and enthusiasm of our people. They embody our culture and values, enable us to deliver great service to our customers and are ultimately responsible for the strength of our reputation and our ability to grow.

That growth means that the number of people we employ is continually increasing and the diversity of our team is expanding. We therefore have a clear framework for managing and developing our people, so that 1STG continues to succeed.

Our people strategy has three main elements. We want to:

  • have people who bring service to life, who are fully integrated and engaged with 1STG, and who we can develop to achieve their full potential.
  • make it easier to manage our people, by continually enhancing our systems and processes, and
  • develop leaders who are fit for the future and who will thrive as 1STG grows

The importance of people to our business is also reflected in our corporate responsibility. People is one of the four ‘pillars’ of that model, alongside health and safety, community and the environment. Each year, we report on our performance and set objectives for the year to come.