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Every day, 1ST Guard Security products and services are used to harness the power of security solutions, transforming the way our customers deploy their solutions.
Moses Kamau, General Manager, Oct 2012

February 14

1STG renews application for SIA’s Approved contractor scheme

As always 1STG looks to remain at the top in terms of service quality and exceptionally high standards across board, as such 1STG has recently undertaken a re-assessment to continue as an approved contractor (SIA).

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January 14

1STG Expands its range of access control and CCTV services

Embarking on the new year 1STG has invested further in its access control and CCTV services, incorporating new more advanced systems but still ensuring our products and services remain cost effective and competitive.

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December 13

1STG undertakes new training program to increase efficiency across all its services

As a leading securities services provider we know that training and re-training is key to our success and to ensuring all our operatives and staff receive the highest level of training and success through-out their career.

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October 13

1STG Expands it Mobile Patrol operations to North England

As companies try to cut cost, we find an ever growing need for Mobile patrols, it is for these reasons that 1STG has decided to expand it operating area to include the north of England.

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August 13

Charitable Causes

1STG  have been raising funds for ‘Children with Cancer UK’, a UK charity which aims to transform the lives of  children and young people fighting cancer through vital healthcare.

1STG are continuing to raise money for the charity. 1STG  is also promoting the charity through word of mouth and raising awareness of cancer across the company’s UK division.

Moses Kamau, General Manager of  1STG  commented:  “1ST guard Security is delighted to work in partnership with Children with cancer UK to transform the lives of some of the most deserving children in our society, giving them the equipment and support they need.

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July 13

SIA Accreditation

1STG has always remained true to its word of providing security with the highest level of service which is why we remain a SIA Approved Contractor.

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August 13

1ST Guard employs specialist in Security risk and counter-terror planning

Through our strategy of constant service development 1STG has decided to enter the market of risk consultancy, employing a specialist to provide one-to-one consultation programs with our clients in all sectors.

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March 13

1ST Guard introduces its new in house training program for front line guards

As part of 1STG’ strategy to provide the most efficient services to our clients we continue to build our team and provide them with key access to learning and development courses within security. Through the use of our trained staff we provide bi-monthly courses and other employment programs to ensure we keep our front line team up to date with all training and development sources.

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February 13

Stepping up our security measures within the road and rail sectors

1 ST guard Security meet objects of securing new contracts within the road and rail sector, providing both manned guarding and biometric services 1STG have seen steady growth in this sector during the first quarter of 2013.

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Trading update

1ST Guard Security has made a good start to the year. With the successful commencement of our new contracts in both private and public sector organizations, we are well placed to achieve good levels of organic growth in the current financial year, in line with management’s expectations. (more…)

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